1990 Bridgestone MB-2

Picture of the mb2

This is just a great frame. It's big (52cm)...well, big for a downhill mountain bike, so it works well as an all rounder. It's got Ritchey Logic Presitige tubing with Cromo seat/chain stays. Brazed. Lugged. Last a lifetime. It's got plenty of eyelets for fenders and racks and all sorts of stuff. You can't go wrong with this guy.

This is my hauler, store-runner, pull-the-kid-trailer, bike. I've got unnecessarily huge, knarly, ridiculous tires on it. I tell myself that they are for the snow, but really it's my own little version of a Hummer. It fulfills some inner wanky need in me to have an over-the-top, unnecessary waste-of-energy component.

Look at these tires.

Picture of the mb2

Ridiculous. I'll put the Vittoria Randonneur's on there in the spring. But I need to wank out for a while first.

Here are the components: