26 Jan 03

This is my first bread made with a "wild yeast" leaven.
  • 136 g sour dough leaven ("Ed")
  • 100 g all purpose flour
  • 104 g whole wheat
  • 50 g fine rye
  • 251 g water

  • Dough:
  • Leaven
  • 333 g all purpose flour
  • 108 g whole wheat
  • 210 g water
  • 16 g salt

  • These loaves turned out pretty photogenic, but in real life they are not as pretty. I'll have to update this with a comment on the crust, chew, flavor, etc.
    (Later) Ok. So the flavor was good: just a touch of sour, not much at all. Chew: ok, I still want to find a chewier bread. Crust: ok, it looked weird, sort of pale and off-brown; not golden or really "hearty" dark. The one great thing about this bread is that we saw some bigger holes, which is always nice.