29 Jan 03

I'm trying to make a super basic white sourdough. I want great crispy crust around a nice chewy, holey bread.
  • 270 g sourdough leaven ("Ed")
  • 607 g all purpose flour
  • 338 g water
  • 15 g salt

  • So, the plan here is to let this raise overnight. It's in the garage, where the temp will be around 45-50° F. The sourdough leaven is from "wild" yeast, which did not rise as frantically the first time I used it.

    Well, once again, the picture here is deceiving. The bread looks normal in the picture, but it didn't raise much and the crust was weird and pale. But alas, there are a couple very promising things that this bread did. First off, there were a few little tiny blisters on the crust, which is something I want to see more of, and there were some nice holes in the the otherwise dense bread. As well, the sour flavor was nice; the starter/leaven seems to be developing nicely. I will make this bread again tomorrow, but I will add a 1/2 teaspoon of yeast. I think that's all it needs to boost it up a notch.