The Lost Bread Pages

The purpose of this page to is to provide a central place where I can dump pictures, recipes, and other thoughts on bread or related to bread... of or about bread...
I make a lot of bread and I typically jot down notes on the batches I make. Every now then I make a great batch of bread; on these rare occasions, I have typically lost the notes or not written any down. I will not be foiled again. Instead of off-handedly jotting down a few thoughts on any available envelope, paper sack, errant notebook, etc, I'll simply sit down, fire up the old computer, "jot" down some notes, spell-check them, and then convert them to HTML. This will undoubtedly save me lots of time where I would otherwise be searching for the missing notes. If I don't make anymore bread, it's because I'm spending my time spiffing up this page and efficiently transcribing my notes to HTML. blah.
Ok. So to start, we'll do a format where I'll list the date with a link. The link may or may not contain zero or more of the following: pictures, notes, raves, rants, recipes, other links. Maybe on really special occasions, I'll put a picture on this cover page. We'll see.
Here's a special occiasion: my first loaves from my new wood cook stove.

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