The Wood Cook Stove

My dad brought this beauty over here for me from the east side of the state. I've wanted to get my mitts on a wood cook stove for a long time. It's great for bread; it gets nice and hot and our first loaves came out great. I will be lining the inside with bricks to get that nice deep masonary heat going. As well, the top is a great cooking surface, as it's got good hot spots for searing or boiling water and cooler spots for keeping things warm/simmerring. Lastly, this will be great in the summer, as Liza does not allow me to use the stove (and definately not the oven) when it's hot out. We plan on putting it in the garage, but that will require some work to clear the crap out that is there now and make a hole through the roof for the stove pipe. Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures of the stove and of dad and me getting it going.
Phase 1 wood. Note how small it is.

Phase 2 wood. Note that it is larger than Phase 1 wood, but smaller than Phase 3 wood.
As fire heats up, the smoke becomes more transparent. That's good.
Phase 3 wood. The last of the starter wood. After this, we use chunkers (not pictured).

That's me getting ready to load up the first batch, which turned out great, I might add. I look weird (ok... weirder than normal), because I was operating in slow motion so the person operating the camera would be sure to catch the action in real time. I'm not sure what Dad is up to back there.