Rivendell Atlantis

Picture of the Atlantis

Shown here all loaded up for 4 day tour.

It's got the moustache bars on it now. I need a new picture here. Components below describe the Atlantis with the moustache bars. I have a set of dirt drop bars from Rivendell on back order. Those will eventually go on it.

This bike is wonderful. It's a 58 cm frame, the biggest bike I've ever had. I was wary of ordering such a big bike, and without test riding it too. It took a bit of a leap of faith. But talking to Grant Peterson on the phone (he's the guy who designed the bike and owns the company that produced it; he also design the Bridgestone XO-1 and MB-2 bikes I have...thanks Grant) helped to make it an easy sell. Plus, I've been droolling all over the Rivendell website for a couple years now, and I know that the Atlantis was the bike built for me. And it is.

As soon as I got it, I built it up and took it on a tour a week later. Since then, I've put moustache bars on it and have commuted on it. I've not done a long ride on it since the initial tour and I want to do a day ride on it with the m-bars. As I mentioned above, I am thinking about putting drop bars on it. The problem I've had in the past with drop bars is that they are just too stinkin narrow. I need at least 48 or so cm of width on my bars. Narrow bars make me nervous and when I'm nervous I'm not loving riding. But John at Rivendell has assurred me that their dirt drop bar will be the drop bar I'm looking for, so I await its arrival.

The Atlantis is everything I want in a bike. Besides the obvious steel luggness of it, I really like the design that allows for fat tires, lots of different bars; I could put centerpull, sidepull, or cantilever brakes on it if I wanted to; I can make it a go-fast bike, a comfy bike, a hauler, a tourer, an all-rounder. This bike has been designed and built in such a way that will allow me to change it as my riding changes. I love that. And because it's steel and lugged, it will last as long as I can throw my leg over it. Great bike.

Here are the components: