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I love riding bikes. I love looking at bikes and thinking about bikes and working on bikes and talking about bikes. I especially like steel bikes that are designed for many years of comfortable riding. I like fenders. I like big tires; I like comfortable riding positions. I like lugged construction... (but I'm tending toward the utilitarian value of TIG'd).

This page is pretty static. In general, it's a couple months behind. For the latest go to my blog at

Last updated: Jan 3, 2009

Current Bikes

  • 1991 Bridgestone RB-T. Beloved bike. Mainly for trails, CX, and snow.
  • 1992 Bridgestone RB-T. A hacked RB-T. Hacked in a good way...
  • 2008 Rawland Sogn. The fat-tired road bike I've been waiting for.
  • 1983 Trek 720 - Daily fixed gear trails, ice, and traffic bike.
  • Jeff Lyon - I call it the 747. Story on the blog for now.
  • Liza's mid-90's Hard Rock. Mostly stock + fenders and a rack. It's got biopace rings. She loves this bike. She's been riding it daily since winter of 07/08. No web page yet. But here's a pic.
  • Maddie's Electra Hawaii. Pic here.
  • Burley Tandem.I was going to sell this but changed my mind. It's a beauty. Liza and I are going to give it a go next Summer (in 2009).

Bikes I've Loved Before -- Now Gone or on Loan


  • Chopping a fender on a Quickbeam for a quick flip
  • My buddy, Joe, ran across a real rare find recently: a Bridgestone Atlantis rando/cyclo-touring bike from the 80's. He alerted me about it; I bought it; we sold it; we both made a few bucks. I really wish this bike fit me. It was a good fit for my wife but she just was not interested. It's in Tennessee now with a woman named Margot. That's a good ending. Pics of the bike here and here.
  • Road finds.
  • work shop photos. I'm lucky to have a chunk of the basement for a shop. I wish I wasn't such a slob though.
    Updated 10/02/07 Check out the new work space. Crazy tidy with Liza being the head mechanic in the family now.
  • Some bike photos from Liza and Maddie's Italy trip.
  • 1993 Bridgestone Dealer's Packet.

Some Past Bike Trips

Spokane Area Bike Rides

The Spokane area is a great place to explore on bike. I ride all over the place and there are a number of spots -- mostly mountain areas-- that I have yet to explore. I hope to document the best rides here. If you are visiting Spokane (or if you live here!) and want to take ride and explore the area, send me an e-mail. I love to show off our area. If you're visiting and you're bikeless, I can probably find a bike for you to borrow while your here.

The one common theme among these rides is that they will surely all contain some amount of dirt/off road travel. I really like combining long road rides with chunks and pieces of dirt and/or single track. (BTW: If you know a good software program that makes documenting/mapping these rides easier, please let me know. My first ride write-up took me forever, and it looks like hell. And that was with the help of a Mapping program that converted the trip to html.)

All of my routes are now be posted to
Check out the links below if you want to see the hack job I did before I discovered bikely least you get pictures.

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