Rivendell Atlantis

Picture of the Atlantis

Shown here fixed up as a mountain bike.

June 06 update Here's the loaded up shot:

04-15-06 004.jpg
800 x 600
2048 x 1536

trip report

This is my second Atlantis frame. This one is a 56 cm. I had a 58 cm. Check it out here. The 58 cm always felt a tad big for me. I sold the 58 cm frameset and bought this one.

The Atlantis is a fine bike. I've really enjoyed the 56 cm. It's got the 26inch wheels and feels a bit stouter than the 58. I like that. I've taken a couple long rides on it (a 50 miler and then a 110 miler) and it's pretty comfy. I ended up raising the handlebars about 60 miles into the longer ride and that made a huge difference. I'd like to find some dirt drop bars for this bike. I think those would be perfect.

For the longer road rides, I put on the Panaracer Pasalas, which I never really liked too much in the 700 size, but I love them in the 26 size. Really cushy and really "round" feeling. The knobbies are on for the summer while I do more mountain biking into the hills.

When I do multi-day, loaded tours this will be the bike I take. I've got racks/fenders/panniers for it. I'll probably rebuild it as a serious tourer next spring and take at least a week or so trip on it.

Feb 2006 Update Here's a picture where it's set up with drop bars; fenders; racks. The Bisy light on the front is bent from a fall in the ice earlier in this ride. This ride was an attempt to find a logging road over a small, local mountain. I found the road, but it was too deep with snow to pass. After this ride, I put studded tires on the bike, and of course the snow has mostly stopped falling. This is a great riding bike when loaded up. It's very comfortable.
Picture of the Muddy Atlantis

Here are the components:

  • Front Derailleur - Shimano XT
  • Rear Derailleur - Suntour XC Comp
  • Crankset - Shimano XT FC-M730, 170.0mm, 110/74 BCD, 46/34/24 race face chainrings
  • Pedals - MKS Touring w/ Power Straps
  • Shifters - Suntour friction barcons
  • Brake Levers - Shimano 600
  • Stem - Nitto Periscopa Stem, 80mm extension, 25.4mm
  • Bars - Nitto Moustache, 26.0mm clamp (I know... that's an illegal bar/stem combo)
  • Brakes - Shimano DX cantilevers in the front. Older, wide profile Shimano cantis in the back.
  • Saddle - Brooks B-17, honey
  • Post - Ritchey Comp, two bolt, 27.2mm
  • Front Wheel - Shimano Deore hub, DT Competition 14 spokes (32) Bontrager Maverick rim
  • Rear Wheel - Shimano Deore hub, DT Competition 14 spokes (32) Bontrager Maverick rim 11-28 cassette
  • Tires - Rear: Panaracer Smoke lite; Front: random knobby