Picture of the Fuji Fixed

The Shogun -- HIE! Wow. That's a real crapper of a picture.

Nov 2006

More to come later on this bike. This replaced my RB-T: the Shogun is a bit bigger,it takes real 37mm tires with fenders, and I do believe the trail is slightly lower. And like the RB-T it has standard-gauge tubing and canti brakes. Why the heck can't someone make a bike like this today? Why why why?

I'm working on a project to convert a 1983 Trek 520 into a proper all-rounder. If that project pans out, this bike will become my mountain bike: loose the fenders, put on semi-nobbies, get rid of the rack.

At the moment, it has all the parts (well, except for bars/tires) that were on my RB-T.