1994 Bridgestone RB-1

Picture of the 1994 Bridgestone RB-1

This frame popped up on the iBOB list in December (2005). I had just run into a wad of cash, and I knew this size would fit Liza perfectly. It's a 53cm. She had recently begun to really get into riding a 52 cm X0-1. She had also expressed interest in putting drop bars on the X0-1 so she could "go faster." I knew if I asked Liza if she wanted a new frame she would say no, so, I just got it and decided to figure out a plan for "introducing" it while I waited for it.

When I told Liza about the frame -- that I had bought it -- and that it would be here shortly, she was not too happy. I spend too much on bike stuff as it is, and she told me, she didn't need yet another bike. She already had two (the X0 and the CB). I told her that I would build it up, and if she didn't like it, we could ebay it. We weren't likely to loose much money on the deal. Plus, I had just about everything I needed to build up the bike.

Liza leaving for her daily noon ride Sunday morning at Riverside State Park - Jobst would be proud

Well, as it turns out, this bike will be sticking around. Once again the X0-1 will be on the block. She love this bike. She says it feels like an extension of her body. She says all she wants is the CB when she has to haul stuff, and the RB-1 for everything else. She doesn't want fenders on it either. My wife: the racer-fast chick. Wow. Never thought I'd see the day. It's great.

Compared to the carbon/Ti rides out in the world, I don't think this bike compares from a weight perspective... but compared to the bikes around this house, that are laden with racks, fenders, tool bags, pumps, etc -- this RB-1 is a fly weight.

Here are the components:

  • Front Derailleur - Shimano Ultegra
  • Rear Derailleur - Suntour ARX
  • Crankset - Sugino GP, 170.0mm, 110/74 BCD, 50/36 chainrings
  • Bottom Bracket: UN53? whatever the cheap Shimano one is.
  • Pedals - MKS platforms
  • Shifters - Suntour barcons
  • Brake Levers - Shimano 600 aero
  • Stem - Nitto Technomic
  • Bars - Nitto Noodle 44cm
  • Brakes - Sachs "New Success"
  • Saddle - Brooks B-17
  • Post -Kalloy Uno
  • Wheels: 105 hubs, Sun Mistrail rims.
  • Cassette: 7sp 12-28
  • Tires - Rivendell Ruffy Tuffy 700x28